Backing sheets and mountboards. Buy it here in PH neutral types.

Backing sheet / mountboard

Backing sheet is a thin or thick paperboard, which is normally used as a buffer between the artwork/photo and the backing board of the picture frame.

But these sheets are versatile:

  • Photos mounted without any further framing.
  • Photos mounted and a border mat is put on the front side - often seen in photo exhibitions.
  • As rigid pages in a photo book (where the pages are glued to a book spine).

You'll find the most suitable type below. They are both in standard sizes and custom sizes:

PH neutral gallery mountboard / backing sheet for ordinary use.

Nice allround backing sheets, which are especially suitable for photo mounting and for framing where a part of the backing sheet will be visible (around the edges of the artwork or an artwork, which is partly translucent.

For instance an artwork with dark colors can be given a boost in the darkest colors by using a black backing sheet behind it.

Museum-class acid free backing sheet

When you are looking for museum grade framing for fragile or sensitive content such as unsealed watercolor paintings, these backing sheets are the way to go.

They are all museum-graded in terms of no acidic or alkaline compounds present and completely stable in color.

We recommend, that a good quality PH neutral tape, such as Filmoplast P tape, is used with these backing sheets.