Childrens posters in various frames - July 2015

Childrens posters in various frames - July 2015.

Winner: Signe, Hvidovre

Frames in matte black aluminium and oak wood frame.

With three children in the house, from 1 to 3 years old, we have decided to use an unused part of the hall for a nice place where we can read. It is our first creative project of the house, since we moved in a year ago. We where inspired of our three girls who love playing in hideouts and to read stories aloud, especially bedtime stories. In addition to this, we had this hall on the 1st floor, which we only used for a passage between the rooms wich is too bad because of the big size. And voila! suddently, the idea of a place fo reading. We gave ourselves that challange, only to recycle materials we already had. And we actually succeeded! 

To make a cosy place for reading aloud, we have placed a shelf for books, a reversible mattress, some nice pillows and last, but not least, we have covered the walls with childrens posters framed in different frames. The children just love the poster walls with the different images and especially the posters with the animals. First of all we decided to frame the posters. In that way the posters will not look like a mess or have an unfinished look. It is very important for us, that it looks nice and snug - but also neat and tidy because it is the first thing you see when coming up the stairs. We have also mixed the frames in different colours and sizes. This will make up for the stringent or minimalist look, the black frames can have. In the same time the different sizes will provide a more playful look.  

All the posters we have are presents from friends and family. Most of them were framed, but we had a number of them in different sizes unframed. Luckily we came across Hennetec where it was possible to select just the right frames that we needed. One of the challenges were to find the right frame for a large retro-poster from Copenhagen Zoo. We ended up with a 60*84cm A1 in matte black aluminium from Hennetec! 

The whole family is very satisfied with the result - the result can be seen below. 

Products included: Wooden frames - oak and matte black and matte black aluminium frame.

Childrens corner for reading.