Mini collages in square frames, a gift to 4 best friends.

Mini collages in square frames, a gift to 4 best friends.

2nd place June: Christina Baagø, Copenhagen

Collage in 20x20cm frames

During my life, I have met many interesting and sweet people, but there should be no doubt about the loveliest of them all are the four silly girls in the picture below. These are my four wonderful best friends and I could not imagine my life without them.

They make me happy in every way watsoever and I know I can count on them 100%!

When my boyfriend proposed on our holiday in Nice a year ago and "commanded" a marrage this year, I was not the slightest doubt about who I wanted in the process and on my special day - Stine, Christina, Katrine and Bettina! They are my non-bridesmaids and each of them have helped me so much in my long planning process with creative ideas that has been time-consuming. They also helped me with my choice of dress, make up and everything else that involves a wedding.

Besides of that they had planned the most fantastic and unforgettable bachelorette party and I am so grateful for what they did JUST for me <3

It is difficult for me to accept all their help and support without giving something back. Therefore I got this idea of making/buying a gift for each of them all, as a thank you for everything! I will give them the gift in the morning on my wedding day June the 27th, where we are all at the same hotel before will go to the church and later the wedding party.

But what on earth should I give them? I am one of those who LOOOOOOOOOOVE pictures and use them for a lot of things. That is why I thought of this great idea to select a few pictures (and memories) of the girls and me, frame them and give them the pictures. Quickly I had made a mini collage with 4 pictures, that just needed a Square frame. But that was not easy to find. That is why I was so happy to find some really beautiful frames at Hennetec that was just perfect! Besides of the picture I will give them a personal gift - My God I hope they will like it all.

The result cann be seen in the pictures below and thanks a lot Hennetec for your contribution.