Become a dealer of Hennetecs frames and other products

Become a dealer

Many of our products are sold through our dealer network, consisting of web shops, photo shops and not least a wide range of photographers.

Photographers are invaluable to us as dealers, as they often take products with them all the way to the customer.

So if you are a photographer, have a webshop or a camera store, you are welcome to become a dealer of our products.

The only condition we have, is that you have a VAT Registrantion number, and that your purchases with us is used for resale and product samples.

Being a dealer is non-binding and free, and the agreement can be cancelled at any time. Retailers are also the first to hear about new products and changes in the product range.

Becoming a dealer is easy:
- Create a login here on the website.
- Fill out the profile with name, address, etc.
- Send an email to [email protected] with a brief description of how you plan to sell the products (eg. am a photographer and bring demo products with me out on customer visits), which products mainly and rough estimate of expected movement of goods during the 1st year.

Then you get a confirmation with your reseller discount, or rejection, within a week's time. Your dealer discount is individual and adjusted according to your movement of goods.